SoS15 and our commitment to the planet

Deeds not words - It's time we took responsibility for our actions, especially those that have an impact on our planet. As a small business, SoS15 is well placed to make positive changes that in turn could have a significant impact upon our planet.

2020 sees our promise to use only earth-positive t-shirts and apparel come into effect and we are now offering eco-friendly alternatives to glitter printing.


Sustainable, customised denim

When Saundra posted an image of a customised denim jacket it led to lots of enquires about how followers could buy their own version. But Saundra was certain she didn't want to buy-in more stock, fuelling the fast fashion cycle.

Instead, she figured a more sustainable option would be to source salvaged denim jackets which she could customise then reintroduce to the market. The uniqueness of each jacket adds to their perceived value ensuring they become a keepsake piece of clothing, slowing the cycle of buy-wear-discard.

Just a few of our denim jackets. So many styles and sizes, all destined for greatness.

Our love of vintage fabric

We have been using beautiful, vintage fabrics to line our hand-made clutch bags since 2016. Only small amounts of each style are kept so when they are gone, they're gone. Not only does this sustainable use of gifted material help the planet, we believe it adds to the charm and individuality of each bag we make.


Our packaging and it's impact on the planet

When it comes to packaging and posting our products, we're continually improving our systems. We ditched plastic wrappers for our greeting cards 2 years ago. Our bags and apparel are wrapped in acid-free tissue paper with a sprinkling of biodegradable paper confetti. They are sent in 100% recycled mail bags which can in turn be recycled again. Where possible, our print assets are produced using recycled stock. And we are striving to do better.

But what about the bees?

Indeed! We love bees which is why we donate 10% of each sale of our Personalised Charity Bumblebee Bag For Girls to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust